Thursday, March 6, 2008

Summary of Preface & Chap. 1

Summary of Preface
Two central facets of experimental approaches to phonology
Experimental methods
The use of experimental techniques and theoretical implications

The major phonological issues of this book
Explaining phonological universals
Understanding the phonetic factors that may give rise to phonological change
Maintaining, enhancing, and modeling phonological contrast
Assessing phonological knowledge

The organization of this book
Part 01: the application of methods from other sciences
Part 02: phonological universals
Part 03: phonetic variation and phonological change
Part04: modeling, maintaining and enhancing phonological contrast
Part 05: Phonotactic and phonological knowledge

Summary of Chap. 1
The disciplines of doing scientific research
Appropriate questions
Theories (Possible answers)
Methods (Evidences to support theories)